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Was Aimee not everything that I told you she was? You saw her smile, you heard her laugh, you caught a glimpse of her intellect and I know you enjoyed her immense love of life. I know you were captivated, but guess what? You only saw a brief snapshot of who Aimee really is.


I actually thought Katie Couric did a wonderful job bringing Aimee’s personality to the surface. She was able to capture Aimee’s determination and passion for life in a way that no one else could have done.  I feel that Katie’s commitment to Aimee was extraordinary. I had previously thought that Aimee was going to be a brief 15-minute vignette during a one-hour show, so imagine my surprise when I learned of Katie’s decision to make the entire show about Aimee and our family. Katie has also told us that she wants to follow Aimee’s progress over the coming months and bring her back to update viewers on occasion. Cool stuff.


There will be a lot of progress. Aimee has yet to be fitted with a prosthetic on her still painful left leg (or residual limb as we call it). She has to learn to drive. She has to complete her thesis, which she cannot do until she learns to drive, simply because she has a lot of field research to do. On top of all this, Aimee has to regain her complete independence and she is still in the healing process.


There’s so much to talk about and share with you all, I wish I had the time, but alas, I don’t. I have to get back to my career and give ample attention to my clients. Donna and I have friendships that we have neglected. We so much want to get on with our lives, but even that will be difficult. The interview requests for Aimee have hit a new high, but they are not a priority right now. Along with getting back to career and friends, we have to prioritize Aimee’s occupational therapy, her physical therapy, her doctor’s appointments, her prosthetic fittings and her nursing care, while simultaneously allowing her time to spend with her own friends. That, in a nutshell, is a lot of stuff.


I believe the Katie Show has provided us the opportunity to share our daughter with the world in a very unique way. The Katie Show was our way of saying, “THANK YOU!” to the many wonderful people who have showered us with love and prayers. As I mentioned above, Aimee will be back and you will see her again, but right now she needs time. We all need time.


I have taken copious notes throughout our entire ordeal and I am in the process of compiling those notes into a book. It may take a few months to complete this task, but there is an incredible back-story that I so much want to share with you all. I believe that this book will reveal the challenges we faced and allow parents to better understand how Donna and I were able to cope through a very difficult period of our lives. If our story can help anyone to better handle life’s difficulties, then so much the better.


In closing I want to say that although many of you are amazed with Aimee’s tremendous love of life and her incredible spirit, I think it is important to know that she is a child of God. I firmly believe that she is a living testimony to the power of prayer and the greatness of a merciful God. I think we will all one day understand why God chose Aimee to survive the impossible. I believe He will ultimately use her as a vessel to minister to many. It is very important to understand that this incredible story of survival is not about Aimee, it is about a wonderful and loving God whose grace is beyond human comprehension. Make no mistake that our story is about faith, prayer, miraculous healing and the incredible power of love.


God bless you all.




  1. 9-13-2012

    I was so amazed and proud of her when I saw her walk on to that stage. I was tearing up along with everyone else. Such a strong woman, and even though there is still a long road ahead, she has come a long ways. I will continue to pray for her and your whole family. God Bless!

    • 9-22-2012

      Wow! She has grown so much! She will always be in my heart! She is so strong and ceragious! God bless you so much, Aimee!!!!! 🙂 I wish I could tell you how much Aimee touched my heart, but it’s so hard to explain them. 🙂

      • 9-28-2012

        I have followed Aimee’s story ever since day one and she has really touched my heart as well. I was also so proud of her when I saw her on the Katie show. Wow!!! What an inspiration you are Aimee!! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us…you are truly loved and admired by so so many. God Bless you beautiful girl!!

  2. 9-13-2012

    for not the first time, I am in awe of the faith Aimee and you all have. I sincerely pray that – should something tragic happen in my life – I am able to rely on my faith and unwavering trust as you all have. God IS so good and I’m so proud of your family for never forgetting that even when it would have been easier. much love from us in PA

  3. 9-13-2012

    Well, wow and praise the Lord for His power to do all good things.
    Thank you for your testimony. I hope Ms. Couric included your powerful faith in her story of. Aimee.

    May He continue to bless you.

  4. 9-13-2012

    I didn’t get to see the show, unfortunately! Aimee continues to be an inspiration to all of us! You are ALL in our prayers! God bless you and your family as you continue your journey full of life, joy and happiness! Thanks for including us in Aimee’s incredible journey! In His Love, Kelley

  5. 9-13-2012

    Andy, I did not know that Aimee was going to be on the Katie Couric show and therefore missed it. I’ve searched for the full episode online with no luck. Is there a way to watch it? I’ve seen clips but not the full interview. Thanks and best wishes to you all.

    • 9-13-2012

      I’m sorry you missed it. I meant to post a note about the show here the week before it ran, but I was so overwhelmed with so many things that I forgot.

      I will ask the producers if there is any way to catch the full run of the show. If so, I will post the necessary links to this site.

      • 9-13-2012


        I would love to have a link to watch the whole show as well. I recorded it but the DVR is freezing up, so I wasn’t able to view all of it. Thank you for your testimony. I can’t wait to read the book!

      • 9-13-2012

        Here is Katie Couric show’s link to Aimee’s episode.

        Aimee, you are quite an inspiration!

      • 9-13-2012

        Yes…I missed it also and would be interested in knowing how I can watch it!! Thank you, Andy.

      • 9-13-2012

        Gosh, I really don’t know how you can watch it. I will call Katie’s producers and find out tomorrow.

    • 9-13-2012

      Donna I did find it but when it started to play the video disappeared. If I find it again I will post the link for

    • 9-13-2012

      Donna – You can at least check out the footage made available here. It’s super inspiring! I am a new person thanks to Aimee! I will touch more, smell more, feel more, love more, walk more….I will try to smile as much and as bright as Aimee! I will not take the small things for granted. Aimee is an inspiration!

  6. 9-13-2012

    Aimee is a true fighter, but more importantly, she has a family that loves her to the moon and back. You all are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story,Aimee.

  7. 9-13-2012

    So happy for Aimees progress. Also glad you are starting to get back to your normal, including all the new norms in life. God is good, bless you as you write your story for the glory of God. Glad to been touched by your lives personally.

  8. 9-13-2012

    Just wanted you to know that Aimee has been on our church prayer list since this dreadful thing happened. We continue to pray for her….and ALL of you, as she moves along in her rehab and recovery. God bless you all!

    Pastor Mark and Linda Isaacs
    and all of St. Paul’s

  9. 9-13-2012

    Aimee is one of a kind,love reading her updates,she has so much love. Can’t wait to read your book.Love and prays to all.

  10. 9-13-2012

    I am so happy and thankful for all that God is doing and answering all of the prayers. I actually google yesterday to see what was happening now and one thing that was a concern to me from what I read in the news or what I saw was that there was no mention of God and prayer. This is comforting to me to see and that God did answer these prayers. May God bless and use her life to serve in a unique and special way.

    May God continue to bless,

    Joan Drexler

  11. 9-13-2012

    I have been very moved by this story and how Aimee has responded to her difficulties. I pray for Aimee and your family every day as I’m sure millions of people do. God bless you.

  12. 9-13-2012

    Many prayers for strength, and His sufficient grace! You all are amazing and God is definitely using Aimee for His glory to give others stength and encouragement!!!

  13. 9-13-2012


    Your closing statement is so true that the power of prayer is so powerful. Amy is truly a chosen Saint.

  14. 9-13-2012


    I did get to see Aimee and all of you on the Katie Show. I had a smile on my face watching Aimee tell what she has planned and watching her positive attitude! She is truly AMAZING!

    You have one wonderful daughter in Aimee! I have been following your messages and blog since day one and have continued to pray for Aimee and your whole family. All of you are so kind to let us into your personal lives and I feel very privilaged to be someone who has been able follow Aimee and your family through your journey!

    I have something that I am going to be sending Aimee if I can ever get it done 🙂 Hopefully she will like it!

    Take care Andy and tell Amiee I said HI and I am still praying for her continued recovery and learning to continue adapt to her new world.

    God’s Continued Blessings to your family!


    Karen Clark
    New Haven, Indiana

  15. 9-13-2012

    Saw the show, what a beautiful young lady u are Aimee. May God’s hand continue be upon u in your continued recovery. (((Hugs)))!
    J Beltram,SC

  16. 9-13-2012

    What a beautiful summary of your story so far. I was so pleased to watch you and your family on Katie’s show. Thank you for sharing your lives with the world. God has blessed you abundantly and I am confident He will continue to use your family and Aimee to accomplish His purposes. I am inspired beyond measure.

  17. 9-13-2012

    If I lived close to your family I would take Aimee anywhere she needed or wanted to go and would do for free, such an inspiration to others and to myself.

  18. 9-13-2012

    Andy, You will continue to be blessed for recognizing that God has his hand on your situation.
    We may not like what we have to go through in this earthly life, but to recognize that we truly do serve a merciful God and to allow Him to get the blessing in your situation is a huge HALLELUJAH!!! My prayer is that your family will continue to feel the strength and power that God provides, and that you will know how to prioritize your time and tasks, and be able to slowly rekindle relationships. I sense that you all will continue to stay on your knees praying, and trusting.

  19. 9-13-2012

    Saw the show just for Aimee! Bless you all for being amazing people. Hope to see you on the Green in Snellville Friday 🙂

  20. 9-13-2012

    In February of 2012, I was diagnosed with Necrotizing fasciitis.
    My husband and I was on a “romantic” week end get-away at Niagara Falls, ON. It was nothing romantic about it. I spent 19 days in Buffalo General which is far away from home. It was a living hell with the pain and uncertainty. I was home for two weeks in a pain filled fog until I was admitted into a hospital closer to home. I am still slowly recovering. I no longer have any open wounds or on pain medications however my mind is a blur, loss of memories, physically weak, loss of verbal and writing skills and just not ME. I am lucky. I am a PLUS size woman and the “fat” saved my life. The bacteria attacked the fat and was just moving towards my major organs when I went into surgery. I was willing to just let go and to go to Heaven….But God has plans for me.
    I do not understand how Aimme has the strength and courage to fight. God must have special plans for her too. I can not imagine the emotional turmoil she is going through. If there is anything I can do please forward Aimme my information. I have been spared because I do have all of my limbs but I did suffer very much.
    It was the support of my husband and my friends prayers that helped me face the recovery process.
    I will keep Aimme in my prayers.

  21. 9-13-2012

    I have followed your updates since the beginning and have prayed for your recovery, you have an amazing faith and the strong will to survive can only come from God. You make me feel ashamed that I have whined over a severe spine and need a 5th back surgery to correct it. I look at my limbs and I have them and have had them for 73 years. You are amazing Aimee, look at all God has brought you through and He has so many more glorious things planned for you. You and your family will be in my prayers always.

  22. 9-13-2012

    may Aimee be a leader for everyone! and everyone know her life !
    she is so wonderful!
    congratulations! and thank her for these beautiful lessons of life that she give us!
    every progress is really a pleasure for me… i am really glad!
    all the best for you!

  23. 9-13-2012

    I have followed Aimee’s story since her accident was first in the news. There are only a special few that are able to take joy in even the most extreme circumstances. Her courage and will even in the face of insurmountable challenges inspires me to my very soul. I pray that God will continue to bless Aimee and your family and I am certain that he is going to use her in so many ways to better our world and to further his kingdom.

  24. 9-13-2012

    I just think how she is coming along, just fantastic, inspiring, and well damn amazing… I too missed the Katie show and perhaps they’ll repeat it at some point. If so, please let us know as I very rarely watch those type of shows.

  25. 9-13-2012

    Just wanted to drop by and congratulate all of you on your inspirational and triumphant journey.

    I see you are writing a book. I did as well, after our story captured the attention of so many in 2009. It was an interesting ride, and one that, although we were prepared for, was a bit overwhelming. If I can be any assistance to you in a “been there done that” kind of way, please feel free to ask.

    I always say that if I were going to write another book, it would be about how to write a book after a harrowing personal experience.

    All the best,

    Carolyn Savage ( Author of “Inconceivable” Harper Collins, 2011.)

  26. 9-13-2012

    What a wonderful & loving update…Aimee’s life experience has touched so many who are believers…and hopefully more who were not.

    May Aimee & your family continue to feel the blessing God has given you and all who were touched by His grace and love.

  27. 9-13-2012

    I am proud of yoou and your family !

  28. 9-13-2012

    I really wanted to see the show but I missed it. Does anyone know if I can find it online to watch? Would appreciate it.
    God bless Aimee!

  29. 9-13-2012

    Aimee is a modern day miracle and an absolute reflection of the power of prayer and the Grace of God! So incredibly happy for you and your family. May God continue to bless you ( I know He will). : )

  30. 9-13-2012

    So thrilled and impressed with what God has done and is continuing to do in Aimee’s and all of your lives. His purposes are so much higher than all of ours and His ways are not our ways….May you all continue to find your way along this journey you have been called to.

  31. 9-13-2012

    I watched Aimme on Katie’s show. I knew that Aimee was a strong person already, but, I must admit…as I watched this amazing young lady walking across that stage…the tears started flowing! The tears flowed again as Alan and I watched it again when he got home! These were not tears of pity, for Aimee certainly doesn’t need pity…these were tears of thankfulness and joy for what our God has done for Aimee! She is a walking testament of a miracle! God couldn’t have chosen a stronger family to show the world that He is still in control and working miracles every day! I have no doubt that God isn’t finished with Aimee yet! This young lady has plenty of work to do for the Lord, and I know she won’t let him down! You and Donna must feel so blessed to know that your family is being used to witness to the world, to share your faith with so many people! I continue to pray for Aimee and your family daily. I can’t wait to see you all at the lake again, soon! I miss all of you!

  32. 9-13-2012

    I don’t have many words to say but I’m totally amazed and inspired by Aimee’s courage and her family’s commitment and love for her. Keep the faith and know that somewhere in another part of the world, I am praying for you guys.

  33. 9-13-2012

    I am sorry I dont have cable so couldnt see you on tv. Thanks for the info when my sons knee got infected while he was hurt while swimming. It is finally getting better. Tell Aimee to take things one day at a time. Your entire family are so inspirational. Take care. Kathleen

  34. 9-13-2012

    Eloquent beautiful words. How great is our God!

  35. 9-13-2012

    God Bless you all and I am looking forward to seeing Amy and the family in the town of Snellville some day soon.

  36. 9-13-2012

    I was speechless and had tears running down my face when I saw her walk on to the set and when I listened to her. She is truly an amazing young woman with her whole life ahead of her. She is blessed to have such a wonderful family and the power of prayer. Thank you for sharing her with us. Wishing Aimee continued healing and success in everything she does. She should consider being a motivational speaker as she has the ability to inspire millions of people. God bless.

  37. 9-13-2012

    Andy–I couldn’t wait to see Katie’s show with Aimee. What a courageous young woman. Our daughter, Andi, lost her right arm to a blood clot at the same level as Aimee’s–this was two years ago and our Andi does very well. She has a prosthesis with the hook and hand and does not wear it. She says it is more trouble than using what she has left to help do things. Aimee’s situation is undoubtly different due to losing both hands. Our Andi even has the blessing that she is left handed. I wish Aimee and Andi could be in touch. Andi is on FB–Andi Spence, Johnson City, TN!
    We continue to keep you all in our prayers–especially Aimee! I feel like we actually know her after Katie’s show and we can certainly sympathize with you and Donna on every feeling you have experienced as parents!
    Kathy Spence

    • 9-13-2012

      I’m sorry to hear about your daughter, but it is interesting to learn that she also dislikes using prostheses. Aimee has a quad-amputee friend who also dislikes using them. The fact is, it is not that hard to adapt to doing things without prostheses. I’m glad Andi is on the mend. I will forward her name on to Aimee.

  38. 9-13-2012

    Andy, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to share Amy’s story with the world. She as well as the rest of the Copeland family have been a huge inspiration and I wish nothing but the best for all of you in your endeavors. I’ve taken strength from her courage and love of life in face of such adversity and I’m a better person because of it. I realize that everyday is a gift that not everyone gets a chance to experience fully. I’m blessed that I have the ability to help others and I try to do so where ever I can.

  39. 9-13-2012

    I have ZERO doubt that God will be using Aimee in the future, as you said in your last paragraph, but I hope you, your family, and Aimee realize God has already been using her and you. Aimee, your blog, your families faithfulness to God who’s wisdom and big picture are sometimes hard to understand and walk through in the moment, have touched so many lives already. God IS the God of hope and the future but He is also the God of right now, exactly where we are and every one of these minutes and steps you are walking through and sharing with us is touching lives. I know Aimee’s spirit has touched mine. You’re blogs as a parent have touched mine. Please know our prayers and thoughts are with you as you and your family and Aimee get down to the nitty gritty hard work of putting your lives back together. I know God is faithful to give you the strength you need for each day. I stand in awe of our God of miracles who is showing Himself through Aimee daily.

  40. 9-13-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s story since the beginning. I too caught Necrotizing Fasciitis last July and I lost my right leg as a result of it. I have been inspired at Aimee’s courage throughout her ordeal. I am still going through pain everyday but I deal with it because I have so much to live for. Thank you Aimee for being an inspiration to us all and keep improving. God bless. Glenn

  41. 9-13-2012

    I’m not one that tends to write notes to total strangers, but I was so incredibly moved by you when I watched the show. Aimee, there’s a light in you that is shining so brightly. Hearing your story, seeing your zest for life, and witnessing your family’s love and dedication…..well, I just felt compelled to write to tell you, you’ve sparked a wave of inspiration in this world amongst total strangers! Keep it up girl!

    It’s not just your story that’s an inspiration – -it’s YOU that’s an inspiration. Your positivity, your determination and drive, your courage, your faith and the love and appreciation you have for life….it’s a very special combination. It’s apparent how special you are and I agree with Katie Couric that you are meant to do GREAT things. You’ve touched so many peoples’ lives (myself included) who are just in awe of you. I loved how you recognized so early on in your recovery that you’re not disabled, but rather, possess different abilities. I’m thinking “Difabled” should be the term to replace disabled in the dictionary, don’t you?! 🙂

    Wishing you all the best in your continued recovery and the many chapters that are to follow in your journey. Keep shining brightly!

  42. 9-13-2012

    Andy ~

    Aimee and you all were great on the Katie Show. To see Aimee walk was incredible, tears of joy… What a witness you all are! I look forward to the book, and hearing about where God leads you all in this experience.

    Blessings ~

    Debra Patterson Baker
    (West Cousin)

    • 9-13-2012

      Thanks Debra. Every day is a new day in following God’s lead. I have no idea what path he’ll take us down next, but if it’s anything like the last four months, it’s gonna be a heck of a ride. 🙂

  43. 9-13-2012

    Oh, how I wish I could have seen the show too. So glad to hear things are progressing along. I’ve wondered all along about the left leg amputation. Since following Aimee’s story and my own infection close brush with potential limb loss, I’ve become much more “studied” about procedures and the various prosthetics available. I was concerned that she may have had a hip disarticulation or hemipelvectomy, but I’m understanding that there is some residual limb.

    As always, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

    • 9-13-2012

      Hey Tracy, good to hear from you.

      The trip to NY was a bit more arduous than we expected it to be. Aimee enjoyed it, but she was very glad to return home. She still needs time to recover from the wound and subsequent skin grafts. I think you know exactly what I’m talking about, since you’ve been there, done that.

      Tell your mother hello for us. The doctors in Augusta think the world of you both. I really appreciate all your encouragement toward Aimee at the early stages of her recovery. God bless you all!

      • 9-14-2012

        Hi Andy, I think you got me confused with someone else. I’m the Tracy from South Dakota who had the run in with NF in my arm just weeks before Aimee’s accident with the narrow escape from severe consequences. Anyway, I looked at the link posted on this blog from the show. Although I only saw still photos, I was moved to tears. Aimee is a miracle and a testament to the power of prayer and positive energy. Knowing how close I came to being in Aimee’s position, I’ve poured my heart into my prayers for her and seeing those pictures of a truly stunning angel on that stage was incredible. She is a shining example of God’s grace, her courage and determination, and the tremendous love of her family and thousands of people who have followed her journey. After my truly frightening infection experience and the how God ran interference to put me in the hands of the right doctor at the right time and the miracle of Aimee’s recovery, I stand in praise. The old hymn, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” was imbedded into my heart earlier this summer at a worship session at a rodeo Bible camp where I was coaching youth. I was moved by the beauty of this old hymn and its message as I’ve reflected on the huge blessing of Aimee’s recovery as well as my own situation. Tonight after seeing those photos, I sat down at the piano and with a thrilled, yet humble heart, gently played the strains of that beautiful hymn in an offering of praise. Andy, thank you so much for sharing and may God’s blessings be with all of your family.

      • 9-14-2012

        Ahhh, sorry Tracy. There was a young lady in Augusta named Tracy who lost her right leg to NF. She was hospitalized almost exactly one year before Aimee had her accident. She and her mother are amazing and very sweet people. They served to inspire us greatly during our journey.

        NF is so insidious. The way it spreads is like a thief that steals everything you own while you sleep. Both are the same in that when you wake up, you are lucky to have anything left. In yours and Aimee’s case, you have your lives, which is something to treasure all the rest of your years.

        God bless you,

  44. 9-13-2012

    I actually MADE SURE my DVR was ready to go!! I’ve been following Aimee’s story since her life changed. I cried when I saw this wonderful, beautiful young woman ‘walk’ out onto Katie’s stage! Such an inspiration and joy. I love her smile and how optimistic she is. She is one to watch! I wish I could just give her the biggest hug EVER! What an amazing woman God has given the world!!! Aimee continues to be in my prayers as well as the Copeland family! (And…I’ve added her blog to my blog!!! Yay!!) “Take care Copeland family and thank you for the updates/Aimee’s progress! God bless.” 🙂

  45. 9-13-2012

    I’ve followed Aimee’s story from when I first heard about it and have prayed for her all along. She is truly an inspiration and I do believe it’s miraculous that she survived her ordeal. I will keep her in my prayers and look forward to seeing her again. God’s blessings are surely upon her and I pray that they will continue to be as she continues on in her journey upon this earth.

  46. 9-13-2012

    Aimee was phenomenal with Katie Couric – so eloquent and lovely and obviously filled with the peace that comes from her strong faith in God. I am one of the thousands who have prayed hard and followed your journey over these last several months. What an absolute inspiration you are, Aimee! I truly believe your ministering has already begun!

  47. 9-13-2012

    Andy, Thank you for allowing us into your life. Aimee and your entire family has shown us what it truly means to have faith. God Bless you all!

  48. 9-13-2012

    What a witness to our wondrous God Aimee, her recovery and her family is!!!!! I love the updates so I will know how to pray and I am so sorry I missed her and all of you on Katie’s show!!!! I will check YouTube for it!! God continue to bless you all and Aimee as you bless the world with her story!!! I’ll be watching for the book!!

  49. 9-13-2012

    Dear ones,
    I have followed Aimee’s ‘story’ from the beginning and am so encouraged with how our FATHER is using all these ‘things’ in her life! Thank you for the encouraging words of Aimee’s testimony that she “is a LIVING testimony to the power of prayer and the GREATNESS of a merciful GOD.” Praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST for sweet savor of the LIFE that resides within your Aimee!!!

    blessings to you all, linda

  50. 9-13-2012

    Ever since I heard about Aimee I have been praying for her and her family. You are all incredible people and may God bless all of you

  51. 9-13-2012

    I am so very proud to have a sister in Christ. Her strength and determination moved me so much. I prayed very deeply for her when i heard about her story and so thankful for the God that we have. I will continue to pray for her. Love you very much Aimee

  52. 9-13-2012

    Dear The Copeland Family,

    Thank you for sharing Aimee and her incredible story and journey with everyone! She is the most amazing young woman and I know you all are very, very proud of her! Today is my 38th birthday and I survived NF as well. I lost my leg on 10/28/2010 due to complications of NF. I am a below the knee amputee, a single full time parent to two young boys and work a full time job. It is through the inspiration and support of others that I gain the strength to keep moving forward everyday. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with the world!


    Janelle Tuck Hansberger

  53. 9-13-2012

    Thank you Andy, God bless and Godspeed to you, your family and Aimee on re-entry to every day life.

  54. 9-13-2012

    Thanks for sharing the life of your daughter with us, she has a beaming smile that outshines everything that she will endure. Keep up the faith,and hold on to the hand that will see you through it all (God).There is power in prayer, For With God All Things Are Possible..He is LOVE. Good Luck Aimee on Rehab.

  55. 9-13-2012

    My husband is a 5 year survivor!!!

  56. 9-13-2012

    Aimee you a truly an inspiration! :o)

  57. 9-13-2012

    I also was surprised that I did not know that Aimee was going to be on The Katie Show and therefore missed her on there. Perhaps they will repeat at a future date and we will get to see her.
    Did Aimee have to fly to NYC for the filming of this show?
    I am glad that Katie Couric realizes that Aimee has an amazing story to share and that her family also is incredible. I hope Katie Couric is able to convey the deep faith in God that the whole Copeland family has.

  58. 9-13-2012

    I was at work and missed the show as well although I have seen clips of it. The website for Katie Couric’s show is really very difficult to navigate and it was really hard for me to figure out when the show would be on in my area. I would love to see the entire show online (or in a re-broadcast) but they Katie’s website (or ABCs) really needs some better info on that.

    But I was amazed by Aimee – I remember when you wrote early on that she wanted to walk across a stage to graduate in December (is that what you wrote?) and I remember thinking that was pretty wishful thinking. Wow – she can walk across a stage already. God bless you all.


  59. 9-13-2012

    I didn’t get to see the show. Please post a link here if you can.

  60. 9-13-2012

    So wonderful to hear good news. In May my doctors told me I would lose a finger, they were wrong. I knew Aimee had a much greater fight than I but I truly walk with her as a sister of God and wish the best. She truly is an inspiration.

  61. 9-13-2012

    I taped the Katie Show and just watched it (2 days later). What an amazing daughter you have! She is so inspiring and beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your story of faith and love. I will be looking for your book once it’s done. God Bless you all and especially Aimee!

  62. 9-13-2012

    From a fellow Gamecock now living in the Seattle area, Aimee’s story is one of such a heartbreaking tragedy turned into a beautiful story of inspiration and hope. May God continue to bless you all. It’s obvious that she is going to do great things in her life.

  63. 9-13-2012

    So encouraged by your commitment to always making the focus God’s glory…thanks for allowing us all the privilege to stand by your family in prayer. Praying for you as your family continues to adjust to new transitions and seasons of life.

  64. 9-13-2012

    I have followed Aimmee’s recovery and was so impressed with how she has handled this tragic situation with such presence, dignity, and a gorgeous smile. She mentioned the task of brushin her teeth. I have been working on an all in one toothbrush,easy to use with only one limb. Perfecting it has been a challenge in bringing it to market. I would love Aimee’s imput with the design, and maybe withthe two of us, we can get the perfect product that will help so many. Please contact me at
    I will also try a more personal approach. I am truly touched by your family. Debbie

  65. 9-13-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s story since May 1st, praying for her as well as your family. The Katy interview was wonderful. Aimee’s indomitable spirit reminds me of someone I once knew who I assisted and lived with after he was in a horrific car accident, leaving him in a coma for a while and partially paralyzed on the right side. When there were experimental surgeries to enable him to walk better, he was first in line, a trooper. He did get back on stage to sing again and also made time in helping people in situations such as he, a role model to many. If I may, If Jan were alive, he’d say, “Aimee you rock!”

  66. 9-13-2012

    Please post when the producers either can re-run the episode or post it online. I don’t watch much tv, so like Donna, I missed it!

    Even without the story I have prayed and thought about Aimee many times. Love her strength and she is an inspiration to so many!

  67. 9-13-2012

    Aimee was absolutely glowing on Katie’s show this week! I’ve been looking forward to this since it was announced 🙂 She is a total and complete miracle and I’m still inspired greatly by her unbelievable courage and faith. I have no doubt that she will continue to defy the odds as she realizes her dreams….God bless you ALL as you continue to heal and move forward in your lives.

    Just today, I found myself making excuses around my own difficult life circumstances which still pale in comparison to Aimee’s. I pictured her determination and commitment to “never give up” and it gave me the strength I needed to get through the day. I will be forever grateful to the Copeland family for sharing such a miraculous, God inspired story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂

  68. 9-13-2012

    Beautifully said…my prayers are with you and your family always.

  69. 9-13-2012

    So good to hear from you and wonderful that you are sharing your testimony. As a rehabilitation nurse, I know what you are enduring now. Take time to heal. We will continue to pray and will welcome updates as often as you are able. May God continue to richly bless you and your family!

  70. 9-13-2012

    I am so very happy for Aimee and also for you and Donna as well as your entire family. Thank you for sharing this incredible story with us. God bless you all and know that you guys will still be in my thoughts and prayers.I look forward to hearing about Aimee’s progress whenever you see fit to post it. You all deserve much needed rest and privacy now. God bless!!!!

  71. 9-13-2012

    Andy, I just have to say that “AIMEE ROCKS”. She is totally amazing and has a awesome outlook on life. God truly has his hands on her.I know she has inspired so many and will inspire many more with her strength to go on with her life. Prayers going up for you and your amazing family~*

  72. 9-13-2012

    Hi, Kate again.

    I absolutely loved watching Aimee on Katie. You described her as such a positive, joyful person, which I was able to read about through your blog and in news outlets. As many of us only had a glimpse of Aimee’s personality… and only were able to read about it, it was so nice to finally see her spirit and see her speak and interact… and all I have to say is WOW what an amazing young lady and a true inspiration. Your descriptions of her were so true and so on point.

    I think a book is a fabulous idea. It is so evident through your posts that God has given you the talent to share Aimee’s story through your words… you are an excellent writer. I promise I’ll be one of the first to buy a copy!

    God bless your family! PS, Besides having an amazing daughter, I recently realized you have an AMAZING alma mater.

    Go Gamecocks!

    USC ’07

    • 9-14-2012

      Hey thanks Kate! Always great to hear from the Gamecock nation.

      Go Gamecocks!

      USC ’83

  73. 9-14-2012

    Dear Copeland Family: Everyday I log onto your site to read Andy’s blog and when I saw that a blog had not been posted in approx. 2 months my heart just dropped. I feared that maybe all of you and especially Aimee were struggling with her situation. I was so excieted this morning when I read your blog and I was saddened that I missed the interview with Katie, but went on line and was able to view some of the segment.

    All I can say is WOW. Aimee you are TRULY amazing. Everyday I pray that you find happiness and peace in your life, but I realize my prayers are not needed because you have that in your life. I am in awe on how you have handled this whole situation. Your determination and spirit is truly something to marvel at. You are truly a sign of the power and the love that GOD wants all of us to have. I will continue to keep you in my prayers even though you probably don’t need it. YOu go girl!!!!!

  74. 9-14-2012

    Aimee!! You are the true reason 1,000s have found the will and have the power to believe in GODS HEALING HANDS and fight hard and never give up! You have been such a trooper and ur determanation amazing me sooo much! Amiee you are a winner and a Angel on earth and one day I promise you have a set of wings to fly that will fit you PERFECT 🙂 KEEP YOUR CHIN UP AND THAT SMILE !

  75. 9-14-2012

    You are all a living testimony to the power of God. The odds against her were incredible. Her recovery, an ongoing process, is amazing. She did have an earthly source of support that is phenomenal however. You are a family of faith and love. May God bless all of you.

  76. 9-15-2012

    Thank you Andy, it helped me to read your blog. I’d like to follow up with Aimee and yourself, especially about Aimee’s studies and your spiritual life, it is very interesting. Take time for yourselves and take care. Thanks again.

  77. 9-15-2012

    Aimee: I walked 5 miles today in your honor. I am suffering from horrific depression and wanted to stay in bed all day. I watched the video on your arrival back to Snelleville and was so inspired I got my sorry little butt out there to walk. It was sunny and beautiful. I copied that video to my e-mail so that I can watch it when I am feeling down. This one was for you today, Aimee! Your role on this earth is larger than you know. You are beautiful and your personality is so cute.

  78. 9-15-2012

    I think of Amy quite a bit. I recently tore my tendon in my foot, and am in a short cast to see if it will mend on its own w/o surgery. It is a real challenge for me, a clumsy person, to walk with crutches. It is tiring & unwieldly. It is hard to get up from a chair or out to a car, or up & down on the toilet. And then I think ‘this ain’t nothing’…your daughter, and others like her, have a lot to deal with, physically & emotionally. God Bless that spirit & drive, bless her heart & soul and her faith in God. Her refusal to see herself as a poor little victim will be her saving grace. And yet who could blame her if she did fall prey to those thoughts? If I could wear an “Amy” necklace around my neck, I would kiss it every day. Not to say “there but for the grace of God”, but rather to say “this is my role model, my goal for today, to take what life throws at me today with a strong mind & loving heart, like AMY”.

  79. 9-15-2012

    To The Copeland Family:I would like to take the time to say thanks for all you are doing and by touching the lives of others.Whenever my mom was diagnosed with cancer,my life fell apart.I went home to be with her to take care of my mom,it was one of the toughest times of my life.That was in 2009,and thru this I lost mom.I left Texas to come back home,I thought I would be ok.But as the days went by ,it seemed as my life was ending,a piece of my life was gone.I fell into a very deep depression,I shut my whole life out,from people you loved me,even God.I didn’t do a thing or go anywhere,all I saw was darkness,my husband tried to help and others were praying for me. I don’t want to discourgage you all it just part of life and I did get back into church and started to serve God Almighty with evrything I had inside of me.For God is good and greatly to be praised.For there is purpose in everything we go thru in life,even the Christians suffer.You all have inspired my life,the love you have for each other, and for the world, to share your story with us.Aimee is great and strong, and to be surrounded by the ones she loves makes it all better.May the good Lord be with you always,I thank God that there is still people in this world that still care.In Matthew 5:16 says,Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works,and glorify your Father which is in heaven.Amen……From: Missouri with love and prayers….

  80. 9-15-2012

    Wow! is all I can say. To the incredible power of prayer and a loving God who is truly Jehovah Rophe, our God who heals. But more to your giving Him all the glory and honor and for your faith in His goodness during trials such as these. It is in times where we face insurmountable odds and disABILITY the we see His ABILITY to fight the odds with us and for us. Good luck to you all as Aimee learns to physically walk again as she continues to WALK IN HIM! Our prayers will continue to lift to sustain you all.

  81. 9-16-2012

    Wow, I have been hearing about Aimee on the news but honestly it was in the background. Then this evening I clicked ot the news story of her homecoming and I saw this incredible young woman with her beautiful smile (after everything she had been through) and thought could someone who did not know the Lord respond like that to what she had been through. So I googeled Aimee’s name which brought me to her website and ultimately to your blog which I have been reading for the last two hours.

    God bless Amy and God bless your family for the courage and faithfulness to Jesus Christ you have shown. God only knows how many people that you and your family have ministered to over the past many months as you were living through this trial. I only know you have ministered to me and just wanted to thank you and to say how happy I am that Aimee is doing so well.

    God bless you all!

  82. 9-16-2012

    It was so wonderful to get a chance to see and hear Aimee after praying for her throughout this difficult time. I think she is even more beautiful on the outside and inside than you described her. Thank you for letting us join you on this journey and giving us the blessing of praying for her. Our God is so great! I look forward to watching how God is going to continue to use her, I know He has chosen her for mighty things. Praise God for your precious daughter!

    I thought of this song as I was watching her interview, Restoration, by David Brymer

  83. 9-16-2012

    I saw Aimee story on Katie. It broke my heart to see such a young beautiful woman had to suffer like this but as we all believe God have a plan for her. I had to sit down with my beautiful grown daughters and let them watch Aimee story. Keep teaching them life is a beautiful thing and not to be taken for granted., We thank god each and every day that we can get up and see the sun rise and smell the fresh air. God is great and I wish Aimee nothing but the best that life has to offer. God bless and give you and the family the strenght to move on I will always have Aimee in my prayers. God bless you all Barbara (Canada)

  84. 9-17-2012

    I beleive Aimee did much much more for Katy Couric. I would have never watched that show, and wont again. I wanted to see Aimee, and I just loved what I saw. Knowing that life is a little harder for her, I love to see the way she is approaching it. I pray that she gets all the breaks in life she ever needs from here on out, and when those low times come…I pray she always has everyone and everything.

  85. 9-18-2012

    I have been praying for Aimee since the day of her injury. I have looking for updates to the blog for quite a few weeks and just saw that she was on the Katie show. I missed the show, but saw the clips on Katie’s website. I am completely amazed by Aimee! I would love to meet her and if I ever pass Aimee when she is out and about, I will probably come over to give her a big hug and start crying. I couldn’t even watch the clips of the show without getting choked up. You are such a bright light in this world Aimee! You are going to be shining wherever you go!

  86. 9-18-2012

    Hi Andy!

    I have been following Amy’s case since the terrible accident. My brother was diagnosed with NF 8 years ago this June. He struggled to live and we struggled to keep faith. I had a prayer chain going all the way gown the East coast including PR. He lost his left leg and portions of his chest but with the power of prayer and faith in our Lord he survived and thrives today. He moved to Florida and now participates in Crossfit workouts and visits amputees in local hospitals in FL. I was praying for Amy and ALL of you that God’s love would carry you through. I was happy to see all of you on Katie and to know that indeed His love has carried and continues to carry you through!


  87. 9-19-2012

    What an amazing story. She is a true inspiration for us all.

  88. 9-23-2012

    May God bless you all. I am certain that we will see one day clearly God’s plan for Aimee. Miki

  89. 9-24-2012

    I am really happy to see Aimee and the Copeland family with the energy and spirit to get on with the life. Aimee has proved great strength of conviction to overcome the impossible and I’m sure she will be able to participate in the kind of activities that young people make at her age. You are a beautiful family and Aimee is strong, brave and has a long life ahead.

    You can do it Aimee, you are a true warrior! º-º
    Courage and greetings,

    from Chile.

  90. 9-24-2012

    Hi, Aimee, saw you on the news this past weekend. I love your new haircut. Looks great on you. You continue to inspire me. Your smile alone is encouraging.

  91. 9-25-2012

    Hi Andy, Aimee and family,

    First and foremost, Aimee is truly an inspiration – her unwavering courage and perseverance is amazing.

    We also noted that Aimee is using Dragon and we’re thrilled that she’s finding success with it. We’d love to offer up the latest version for either PC or Mac – please feel free to send me an email with an address, etc., and we’ll get it right out.

    Rebecca Paquette
    Nuance Communications

  92. 9-28-2012

    When I read your blogs about Aimee I understand how her faith in our loving and merciful God is so great, you are a great example to her because your faith is a living witness to her and to all of us. You all are in my thoughts and prayers and have been from the beginning. I have followed Aimee every step of the way and she is on our prayer list at church. We are a very small church in number, but love, prayers and the Spirit of God is huge in our small congregation. We believe in the power of prayer and praising God who gives the increase. Know you are in prayers.

  93. 10-2-2012

    I just saw Aimee on Kate’s show! I almost cried! She is SO inspiering! I loved hearing her laugh!!!! I love you, Aimee! And thank you, Andie! Good luck with driveing! 🙂

  94. 10-4-2012

    I am from Ireland but have a mutual friend I believe – Lynda Young – who introduced me to Aimee. I am met her through interest is offering spiritual suport to all who face the trauma on heart illness. I am humbled and blessed by reading this story and your blog (Actually I want to take time to read it all properly) How wonderfully the Lord has used you all already for His glory through this valley. I will continue to pray for Aimee and send a bundle of Irish hugs.

    I hope these words are precious rather than painful. They have been such a blessing to me this week.
    They are from Hab 3>

    I heard and my heart pounded,
    my lips quivered at the sound;
    decay crept into my bones,
    and my legs trembled.
    Yet I will wait patiently for the day of calamity
    to come on the nation invading us.
    17 Though the fig-tree does not bud
    and there are no grapes on the vines,
    though the olive crop fails
    and the fields produce no food,
    though there are no sheep in the sheepfold
    and no cattle in the stalls,
    18 yet I will rejoice in the Lord,
    I will be joyful in God my Saviour.
    19 The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to tread on the heights.

  95. 10-7-2012

    Thank for sharing your story. I have an ostomy bag on lower left side of my abdomen and seton in my rectum to drain a fistula since April 2007 due to Crohn’s disease. This fistula was size a basketball. Ostomy bag can be pain in hot weather. They can melt like cocking.

    Get Well Soon

  96. 10-8-2012

    Aimee is such an inspiration. Thank you for updating everyone 🙂
    Praying for strength during this transition.
    God bless you & your family!

  97. 10-8-2012

    To The Wonderful Family Copeland

    I am really very glad and relieved to see and listen to beautiful Aimee on the “Katie Couric Show” thanks to the internet. Her life energy and well-balanced optimism is overwhelming, while she emanates an incredible strength of wisdom. And that is really astonishing, if you take into account that she is so young. She has become a very impressive lady with a great authority and real charisma. I want to continue praying for her and the whole family Copeland and also for all the people in this world who have to overcome daily difficulties and sufferings that no one can ever imagine who has not seen nor encountered them more or less directly.

    Sincerely Yours

  98. 10-9-2012

    Hi Andy, (South Dakota Tracy here) I do hope and pray that everything is progressing well for Aimee. I want to ask that you keep us in our prayers. The same day that I picked up NF in my arm, my wife had compound fracture of the ankle. Earlier this summer we thought all was well and that her life would return to normal, but sadly we now know that the injury triggered a bodily response that kills the cartilage in the joint and she is now crippled with pain. The only traditional treatment is fusion which has a long recovery time only to be permanently crippled by the fusion itself. We’re pursuing all other options first and we’re trusting that God will lead us in the right ways. We draw from Aimee’s spirit of determination to overcome against all odds in our fight now to preserve my wife’s ankle. We may even be faced with amputation if other treatment doesn’t work. Thank you for your prayers and our prayers are continually offered on Aimee’s behalf.

  99. 10-9-2012

    Andy, I think the idea of your writing a book to tell your story is great! Reading your words in your blog, you have the gift of a writer and such a story to share with the world. Please let us all know when it hits the book stores.. and as always.. continued prayer for Aimee and your family!
    Love from Chicago!

  100. 10-10-2012

    Dear Copeland Family,

    There is an article in the June/July 2012 American Music Teacher magazine about a man whose left leg was amputated below the knee as the result of a motorcycle accident when he was 26. It was necessary for him to take pain medication daily. He had taken piano lessons as a child, but had not played the piano in more than a decade. He discovered that as long as he was playing the piano, he could not feel the “phantom pain” he had endured for many years. He began playing the piano every day and within 18 months or so, he found he was able to live his life without medication. He switched careers and now, at age 40, is a piano salesman at Alamo Music in San Antonio, Texas. The Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute has a music program called “Operation Harmony” that might be helpful to
    Aimee. I wish all of you the very best.

  101. 10-11-2012

    Andy, Everytime I read your posts, I saw your God given ability to write, and I wanted to yell to you to save it for a book. I am so glad you have that plan. I know all of us would like to be on a waiting list to buy it when it is published. I know God has a huge plan for Aimee, and we are only seeing the tip of the iceburg. God is glorifying Himself thru all this, and Aimee just shows the strength God can give. Glad you are writing that book!!!

  102. 10-13-2012

    Beautiful girl.

    With love from Brazil.

  103. 10-15-2012

    Hey Amiee and Andy!

    What’s the latest?

  104. 10-21-2012

    Just in case you’re not aware of this. This is a video of a prosthetic hand that enables the user to feel.

  105. 10-21-2012

    Hello, Tracy from South Dakota, a couple weeks ago I posted about how we were seeking God’s help in saving my wife’s ankle and leg. Simply put, our prayers were answered and we found a surgeon who would “put her back together”. Others only offered a fusion operation as the only “solution” which we now found out would have failed and could have led to amputation had the pressing issues not been addressed that the other surgeons either were ignoring or didn’t understand. Praise God, we found someone who didn’t have this outlook. We just got home from the surgery today with incredibly thankful hearts. We praise Him for Aimee’s recovery and I just wanted to pass along our praise for what has happened in our family too. Of course there is my eternal gratitude for surviving my own case of NF last spring. Wow, what a year 2012 has been, obviously for your family, but for us too.

  106. 10-24-2012

    I have been praying for you faithfully since the accident. Every day. God just put it on my heart and so I offer up prayers not only for you, but your caretakers, therapist, doctors and your family.
    I don’t know you and that doesn’t matter. You are a child of God and we are connected through Him. I pray that He lifts your spirits each day, that He brings a smile to your face each day, that His love for you is so great that even through the pain of therapy you are consumed with the warmth of His presence. I believe you will be a powerful witness for those who have great misfortune and can’t understand why. I believe that you know that you are in the presence of God everyday. He is with you always. He will never leave nor forsake you. And His loving grace is sufficient to see you through this struggle until you realize just what a wonderful God He is. Praise Him and watch His blessings flow to you.

    God bless you always,


  107. 11-17-2012

    Hi, i’m from India. I’ve been following Aimee’s story and i am simply lost for words. God Bless you Aimee, you are an angel.

  108. 11-18-2012

    I think about you all often, and I wonder how that book is coming along! Know you are very much still in many prayers. God is using this to His glory, and you are a willing instrument. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You have much to be thankful for!!!!!

  109. 12-6-2012

    All of you are a testimony to the power of love!!!! So touched seeing Aimee on Erin Burnetss show. I think Aimees transpaerncy in sharing she is a genuine human being who has down times as anyone else BUT she has faith and hope that carries her through!!! Aimees words remind me of Jobs prayer- *though He slay me yet will I trust in Him* and Gods telling Paul His grace is sufficient. I hope Aimee finds all kinds of creative ways to share her love and life. Thanks for sharing your lives thru this blog i know it will reach so many lives!!!

  110. 12-6-2012

    Dear Andy,

    I’m a small breeder of British Labrador Retrievers located in Cottage Grove, MN. I was watching Erin Burnett on CNN tonight and heard Amiee state she is in need of a service dog. I have a litter of AKC registered British Labrador Retriever puppies that are three weeks old this past Tuesday. While these pups are not trained for service yet and will require service dog training, I would be willing to donate one to Aimee for free if interested! FYI – Pups will not be ready for their new homes for another five weeks! Please inquire thru my email if interested!

  111. 12-19-2012

    Hi Aimee,

    Just want to let you know I still think about you and wish you the best. If I were in your shoes I’d be feeling really evil right now. With all the overbearing wishes of goodness and God’s grace would just make me want to puke. I personally hate God, but I never stop hoping in a true G-d, a Gd of justice.

    You have a family that loves you. I almost want to say I’d give up my legs and arms for a family that loves me, but I really don’t care about family. People are selfish and sterile, think they know Gd when they really don’t.
    Don’t lose hope. Those who invest in treasures of heaven will be rewarded.

  112. 12-20-2012

    Hey Aimee!! I just wanted to wish you and your wonderful family a Merry Christmas! Praying for blessings for you all during the holidays and this New Year!

    Tara Helfinstine
    Clanton, AL

  113. 12-21-2012

    Please update again on Aimee! I followed her entire recovery and she really inspired me!! She is such an inspiration and I am so glad She is doing so well. God is great!!!


  114. 10-13-2013

    Just wanted to say that although its been awhile since ive been able to get back and check on Aimee’s progress, my family thinks of her often and hope things are continually improving for her and the family. looks like its been awhile since the latest comments, but I have no doubt she is still and will forever be in the hearts and minds of so many people who love her.

  115. 12-17-2013

    I met Amy Sunday at the “Mammoth” Gem & Mineral show in Norcross. I was seriously touched /inspired by her.She is very beautiful. Let me know what I can do to help out! All Best, Mike

  116. 12-24-2013

    You are absolutely right, I fully agree with you: God’s love & mercy is beyond our power of imagination. But He has given us eyes, so that we can see, and ears, so we can hear and understand that just a great miracle is taking place. I have the strong belief that Aimee has been chosen for a very special reason. Her presence suffices to remind me how important it is to love.

  117. 2-11-2014

    I continue to pray for Aimee every day. I saw her on Katie, and I was so inspired by her love for life. I pray for her strength mentally and physically every day. I am an OCDS; I am privileged to belong to the order of Discalced Secular Carmelites, and prayer is our charism. Aimee showed her joy of life despite the unbelievable torture she had gone through. I hope to see her on Katie next time; I don’t normally watch TV. May God continue to bless Aimee and her blessed family.
    In His Love, Patti Hartman

  118. 3-24-2014

    What an inspiration Aimee has been to all. She’s went thru things that no parent wants their child to face. I truly believe she is a miracle from God and HE has a purpose for her life. Does Aimee do speaking engagements here in GA? I would love for her to speak at our church! God Bless!!!!!

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