Merry Christmas!

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It has now been seven months and twenty days since I received that fateful phone call from the Carrollton, GA emergency room. Our family came face-to-face with a villain called necrotizing fasciitis and that villain tried to steal our daughter’s life away. We fought that thief with the only thing we knew; a heap of love and the power of prayer. The result has been nothing short of miraculous.   One of the first media interviewers I met asked me, “how do you  deal with this horrific tragedy?” I was a bit surprised at the question, mainly because I did not and I still do...

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Was Aimee not everything that I told you she was? You saw her smile, you heard her laugh, you caught a glimpse of her intellect and I know you enjoyed her immense love of life. I know you were captivated, but guess what? You only saw a brief snapshot of who Aimee really is.   I actually thought Katie Couric did a wonderful job bringing Aimee’s personality to the surface. She was able to capture Aimee’s determination and passion for life in a way that no one else could have done.  I feel that Katie’s commitment to Aimee was extraordinary. I had previously thought that Aimee was...

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“I hate my physical therapist.”   *unhhh*   “My therapist hates me.”   *gasp*   “She is a sadist.”   *grunt*   “Just watch and see.”   *ermmm*   “She loves to see me grimace in pain.”   *arrrrgh*   “She says my torture is my own gain.”   *oooof*   “I hate my therapist.”   *ugh*   “Can’t you see?”   *ack*   “Because of this punishment, how can she love me?”   *groan*     Alright, I know what you’re thinking: “Oh my goodness, that poor Aimee! She hates her...

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Aimee’s Wing

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Here’s a quick update on a really huge development: Pulte Homes is donating the construction of a 1970 square foot addition to our home that we are calling “Aimee’s Wing”. What blows me away is that the construction should be complete in roughly 40 days, hopefully in time for Aimee’s “graduation” from rehab. Aimee’s knocking it out in rehab. I sat with her today, watching her determined effort as she exerted herself through her exercise regimen. Her face was red and the vein in her neck was bulging as she pressed herself into her repetitions...

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Photos of Aimee’s Departure from the Hospital

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Mom applies make up for her departure:   Leaving the hospital:     Click here for more...

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59 Days

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Monday, July 2, marked the 59th day of Aimee’s recovery. It also marked 59 days of intense and focused prayer; 59 days of topsy-turvy prognoses; 59 days of extreme trial and tribulation, and most of all, 59 consecutive days of God’s blessings.   Many people do not understand how we can profess to be blessed. Those who do not understand may never understand. They remain tossed about as a wave in the sea (James 1:6)  because they simply lack faith. How do people like that survive? We have seen technological advancements over the past two thousand years, but technology...

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