What began as a beautiful time in nature with friends turned tragic when Aimee encountered an equipment malfunction while playing on a homemade zip line.  Her fall set the stage for the development of necrotizing fasciitis which led to amputations and the failure of her five major organs.

Aimee’s timeline, in brief:

5/1/12 Tuesday: Zip line accident

Tuesday- Thursday: multiple visits to hospital and doctors

5/4/12 Friday: necrotizing fasciitis takes over leg, leg is amputated, goes into arrest, transferred hospitals

Since Friday: on life support

Earlier this week slowly regains consciousness. In and out.

Blood vessels in hands and remaining foot die. More amputations are necessary. Hopefully the palms of her hands will survive.

5/11/12 Friday: Regains enough conscious to mouth the question “where am I?”

5/17/12 Thursday: Amputation of remaining foot and most of both hands.

5/20/12 Sunday: Aimee breathes on her own.