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Aimee is a masters student at the University of West Georgia Psychology.  For more information on the department see the psychology student website or the psychology department website.


  1. 5-31-2012

    God bless aimee.. prayin for you and you family here in boston..

    get well hun

  2. 6-1-2012

    I know the Lord will see you all through this ordeal. Your faith is so strong and inspiring! I have followed Aimee’s progress through this entire trial, and your family’s strength is incredible in Him. I pray that the difficult times ahead will be a testimony to Him. I’m positive you are familiar with Phil. 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”. My heart and prayers are with you! – Jeanne

  3. 6-1-2012

    I am confident Aimee will succeed in obtaining her Master’s degree in Humanistic Psychology! Yes, it will take some time, but she has the compassion and intellect to pursue her dream, and He will enable her to accomplish it! She will be a tremendous blessing to so many in her future career, and I am thrilled for her unrelenting drive to do exactly this! Go, Aimee! – Jeanne

    • 6-22-2012

      Yes and pursuing her masters will help keep her mind off problems. When I first became very mentally ill, I didn’t do anything like that, I dwelled on problems and I just suffered for years. Eventually I learned to keep busy and avoid reflecting much on life.

  4. 6-1-2012

    You are a beautiful,courageous person.We should all be as brave as you.

  5. 6-1-2012

    God Bless You Aimee! I am amazed at your strength; I believe you are an inspiration to many!

  6. 6-2-2012

    Gosh she is so beautiful on that Picture above *stunned*

    All the Best from Germany

    Hope your road to Recovery will be short!

  7. 6-4-2012

    Aimee,ur courage is worthy of recognition,i’ve been following ur story right from the day i viewed it on CNN,Though i am thousand miles away from there but i understand how it feels,I promise to offer my prayers to the lord on ur behalf,GOD bless u dear.

  8. 6-5-2012

    Aimee’s story has touched me so deeply. I wish I could express to you how deep I have felt for you and your family. I have cried with you. I believe the world carries Aimee’s pain. And I know I carry her heart. I don’t know Aimee but I am forever changed by her story.

  9. 6-6-2012

    Hi Aimee

    I have bede reading your story and I am impressed by your willingness to survive with the help from God. The story about your accident have been showen in the news in Denmark. Imagene – a lot of People’s from Denmark and Europe arefollowing you online;-) Keep on fighting. We will all fight with you.

    God bless you and your family.

    Best of luck from Linda (Denmark)

  10. 6-6-2012

    Aimee, I’m a ’68 Carolina grad and a regular blood donor. Because I give regularly, this blood drive is earlier than my next schedule donation. Just know that the latter part of June another donation will be made in your honor. God bless you. Your spirit is a remarkable thing, and a model all of us should emulate. Helen

  11. 6-6-2012

    God Bless you Aimee. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I always check your Dad’s blog because I want to see how you are doing. Get well soon.
    Elena Raff
    Warminster, PA

  12. 6-8-2012

    Dear Amiee, I am praying for your recovery. I lost both hands 45 years ago in an electricial accident at work. I struggled for years with phantom pains and found some actions that really work. I would love to chat by phone, skype or email with you or a family member to help relieve your pain. I just returned from a thirty four day ministry trip in China helping earthquake victims.

    I look forward to visiting! Bye the way, I completed 5 years on engineering school, 4 years of graduate school and a D.Min degree with my artificial arms! I married 9 years after the injury and have been happily married for 37 years! Dr. Randy

  13. 6-8-2012

    I trust in your strength Aimee. I am sure you will be able to recover! Brazilians are all rooting for you!

  14. 6-10-2012
    I am not one to pretend, or make believe. There is hope, there is true light, and real love. Take some time and witness for yourself the scriptures come to life. Saturday mornings at 10 am. All other times are recorded. I DARE YOU AIMEE. Love = Living on vows eternally, Faith = Feeling alive in the heart, Hope = Helping other people endure, Help = Hearing every little prayer. Life = Live it for ever. Work = Worthy occupation requiring knowledge. May Yahweh bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you and be merciful to you and give you peace. Shalom Aimee

  15. 6-15-2012

    “However long the night, the dawn will break.”

  16. 6-16-2012

    Dear Mr. Copeland and family,

    The more I follow Aimee’s and your progress, the more I am “blown away” by your will to survive! God is great and I know He is right beside you all the way. You have every right to be proud of your ‘baby’. I don’t know too many folks who would be able to withstand this type of trauma, including myself! By His grace, you all continue to amaze me, and will remain in my heart and prayers. Love, in Him – Jeanne

  17. 6-17-2012

    My thoughts and love are sent your way. You have the strength of a lion.

  18. 6-17-2012

    Aimee and Copeland family, when i read of what happened i wept, sometimes its difficult to understand how and why these things happen especially to the most special and gifted beings,our children. I want to assure you that all the spitrtual forces of guardian angels along with her familiy and her extended family, ARE at work. The outpouring of love,collectively of people who care and are praying represents real power that is intervening behind the scenes in this matter. I truly beleive this and have felt this. I felt compelled to let you know. Your daughter Aimee has faith,AND IS BLESSED in the most important way. I know this because i have a daughter about her age. My prayers continue through this difficult time for Aimee and family to send a message of hope. Aimee stay in your faith. We are vigelent in praying for you a speedy recovery and to ease all in time.

  19. 6-18-2012

    You are in my heart and prayers…Stay strong God bless you and your family…..

  20. 6-18-2012

    God bless you all..I am in awe of your perserverence. I will pray for you.

  21. 6-19-2012

    God Bless you Aimee…..many , many people are praying for your recovery. I too was deathly ill and hospitalized for a long time many years ago. It was filled with pain and loneliness. That was 12 years ago and even though there are some memories attached, I am standing on the other side now, stronger and more aware of what truly matters in life. Stay strong and know some have walked the walk and are still standing,….better than before.

  22. 6-27-2012

    Dear Aimie
    I am old and ugly,. and I am in the process to move back to my native country,
    which is Hungary. Remember, Attila the Hun. I have been follow your remarkable
    recouperation, and progress. You are not just simply beautiful , but also very
    brave and blessed. You have to remember, what happened to you is not the end
    of your world. I am 67 years old, and two years I had brain hemeroidge, which
    left me paralized on one side of my body. Basically I had two choises, commit
    suicide , or get up from the bad, throw away the wheel chair, and fight it
    What you are doing is the same thing
    I have no idea what the future will bring, but I would like to invite you to Hungary,
    and show you around
    My email is there, and if you are not affraid Attila the Hun, or me, please stay in touch
    God bless you beautiful, and I hope to see you and feed you with Hungarian Goulash

  23. 6-27-2012

    Salam alaikom, i m fati from morocco, i m just amazed by ur courage, u r one of the most courageous pple i ever heard about, may allah make you realise all ur dreams, and that u ll recoer very soon, i pray for u, and send u a big kisses and hugs

  24. 6-27-2012

    Acabo de leer la noticia, es increhible la recuperacion de Aimee, Espero que se recupere completamente pronto. Felicitaciones anticipadas por tu graduación Aimee.

  25. 7-1-2012

    Aimee’s spirit is awe inspiring! I have often felt that way when reading stories of those who have suffered things such as amputation, paralysis, severe burns, etc.; injuries which will forever be life changing. The stories I am referring to are the ones where the injured party is so grateful to be alive. I specifically do not call such people victims, as they are the exact opposite. It is just that, that makes these people (such as Aimee) such incredible inspirations. What stand out about Aimee, is that in most of these stories, the corkage, heroism, incredible spirit to survive and be grateful often come after a bout of (understandable) depression, anger, and feeling of loss. Hearing about someone with such spirits this early on is even that much more inspiring. A person like that deserves nothing less than an amazing future and because I believe we create our own destinies, I haveno doubt that Aimee will fulfill her dreams and have an outstanding life! Her story will also impact the lives of so many others (already has). Just over a year ago, my sister contracted the same illness. While she was so incredibly fortunate not to have suffered any limb loss, her life has still changed in her appreciation for life. I have no doubt that the incredible strength and support of you and your family have played a huge role in both her recovery as well as shaing Aimee into the tye of person with such courage and inner strength. I also can tell that her wonderful family will give her all the love and strengths she needs to accomplish her goals and will be there with her celebrating each and every milestone. In addition to wishing Aimee all possible blessings, I would like to thank her for reminding me of what matters, and to appreciate simply being alive. B

  26. 7-1-2012

    Been Praying for you since your acident i do worship the most high a little diffrent than your average christain though. Im also in to holistic medicine dont know as much about it as i would like but Jasmine is supposed to have a simaliar effect as a pain killer to oppium so you may like to try it to help with the pain May YHWH be with you and bless you

  27. 7-2-2012


  28. 8-1-2012

    Aimee, you are so inspiring to all of us! Your strength and perseverance does not stop to amaze me. We are with you.

  29. 9-16-2012

    I knew nothing about the struggles you went through until I saw you on Kaite several days ago. Your story was incredibly touching and at the same time inspirational for me. It’s hard to always understand why the Lord puts us through some of the challenges in our life.
    My dear angel, thank you for being such an inspiration to many of us, especially how much you’ve touched my heart and soul. I don’t know where I would come up with the courage that you have!

    God bless and please keep in touch and tell me how you’re doing! I support you and love what you stand for and the wonderful woman you’ve become from some adversity!

    Sweetest Wishes…


  30. 10-4-2012

    Jueves, 4 de Octubre del 2012.-
    Aimee Copeland

    Le escribo mi carta con mucho amor, respeto, cariño y ternura, la in
    tencion de esta misiva, cuanto lo siento lo que le ha ocurrido, me
    gustaria ser su AMIGO, para solaridizar con Ud., ya que es harto la
    mentable lo de su desgracia lo que le ha pasado.
    Le escribe muy atte
    Gerardo Rodolfo Venegas Donoso
    Esperando recibir pronta su respusta.-

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