About Aimee

Aimee is a sweet, loving, courageous, and adventurous 24 year old from Snellville, GA.  She attended UGA as an undergrad, and is currently studying humanistic psychology with a focus on eco-psychology at the University of West Georgia.

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Aimee’s Accident

What began as a beautiful time in nature with friends turned tragic when Aimee encountered an equipment malfunction while playing on a homemade zip line.  Her fall set the stage for the development of necrotizing fasciitis which led to amputations and the failure of her five major organs.

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How to Help

Hopefully the worst of the situation is behind us, however Aimee has extensive medical and rehabilitation needs that will be a permanent part of her life.  In support of Aimee, and her family, we have listed ways to support her financially and with blood.

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Dedicated to sharing information on Aimee's condition, as well as gathering support for her, her family, and others in need.